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Get £1,000 off Claim Capital’s fixed fee for R&D Tax Credits

Why do so many R&D Tax Credit specialists charge companies between 10-30% of a customer’s tax benefit for filing their claim?

Claim Capital has a specialised team offering an end-to-end R&D Tax Credit service, delivering successful and maximised claims to innovative UK companies for fixed fees. With over 20 years of combined technical experience in R&D Tax claims, they have secured over £25.8 million in tax benefits for our clients.

What are R&D Tax Credits?

Put simply, if you’ve spent money bringing a new product or service to life, Claim Capital can help you reclaim up to 33% of these research & development costs from HMRC.

What’s the process?

  1. Eligibility call with R&D Tax SpecialistSchedule an eligibility call, and you’ll be assigned a dedicated R&D Tax Credit Specialist, who will assess the scope of your claim.
  2. Analyse Financial & Technical Data – Claim Capital collect sufficient financial and technical information from your team, and perform an in- depth analysis to ensure no eligible cost is missed.
  3. Technical R&D Report Completion – Claim Capital produce a comprehensive technical and financial report, detailing your maximised R&D Tax Credit claim.
  4. Technical Report Submission to HMRC – Claim Capital pledge to complete and submit your R&D tax claim to HMRC within 3-5 days.
  5. Receive Tax Benefit from HMRC – HMRC approves your claim and you receive the maximum tax benefit; either as cash or as a tax credit against future or current tax liabilities.

How does it work?

No Upfront Fees. Claim Capital’s team of tax specialists only proceed with the service if they’re sure they can deliver a successful, maximised R&D Tax Credit claim – and you’ll only be charged a fixed fee upon success.

Simply click ‘Get Deal’ to book meetings directly to explore your eligibility.


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Claim Capital

£1,000 off a fixed-free, personalised R&D Tax Credit service.
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