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Stop making excuses & start building your future, today

Access to our on demand platform is 100% free so there's nothing stopping you getting started today. Or, build your idea together with an experienced founder and accountability coach with weekly 1-2-1 calls. Whatever works for you.

£49 / Month
121 accountability coaching
121 Accountability & 'CoFounder'
£1,900 / Month

Whatever you choose, we'll give you:

  • Detailed step-by-step guidance
  • 100% practical, no BS
  • Advice from proven entrepreneurs
  • Founder's stories
  • Access anytime, from any device
  • Lifetime access

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Why are we giving this away for free?

Honestly? Because all the information you need to start your business is already out of there on the internet for free anyway. We've just pulled this together to save you the time and hassle.

That's one reason. But, more importantly, I'm fed up of seeing people get taken for a ride with online courses, frameworks to success and loads of other nonsense from people who make their money selling you courses, rather than the thing they're trying to teach you to do.... start a business!

I quit my job to start my first business without any funding or knowing where to start – but ended up selling it in just 1,488 days in a multi-million-pound-exit.

Along the journey, I saw ridiculous promises of over night success, outlandish get rich quick schemes and down-right-gob-smackingly-cheeky business coaches and mentors who’d never started their own business. And, I couldn’t help but think there had to be a better way to help founders realise their potential, without everyone learning everything from scratch and going on that journey alone.

So, I created GoFounder.

It’s everything I wished I’d had when I was building my first startup – and now it’s yours. And it's free.

It's going to be tough - really tough, but it might also be the best thing you've ever done.

Eddie Whittingham
Founder & CEO


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